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HR Manager
1. Bachelor degree or above, human resources, management or related major;
2. Have a systematic understanding and practice of the modern enterprise human resources management model, familiarize with the daily management workflow of human resources; strategic planning of human resources, the introduction of talent, compensation and benefits design, performance incentive assessment, staff training, employee career design, etc. With rich practical experience;
3. Familiar with the laws, regulations and policies of the State and enterprises on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance benefits and benefits, training, etc.;
4. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, and have strong language and writing skills;
5. Has the ability to solve complex problems, has the ability to work independently and has a good ability to advance the work;
6. Strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership ability, sense of responsibility, strong dedication, good management ability and decision-making ability;
business manager
1. College degree or above, with more than three years working experience in business, must have team management skills, good ideological and moral integrity, strong sense of responsibility, and leadership with leadership;
2. Have more than 2 years of experience in rubber and plastics market sales, market development strategy and market strategy, and good communication skills;
3. Ability to formulate sales tasks and indicators based on company sales goals;
4. Be serious and responsible for work, be proactive in work, be savvy, be able to work hard, and be dedicated to the spirit of work and dedication.
Foreign executives
1. College degree or above, English level 6 or above, oral fluency, listening and speaking skills;
2. Skilled use of office software and e-commerce platform (B2B); more than two years experience in foreign trade management;
3. More than three years of experience with documentary experience, quick thinking, and good communication skills;
4. Serious and responsible work, active and active work, strong savvy, hard working, solidarity and cooperation.
Business Assistant
1. College degree or above, English level 4, more than two years work experience;
2. Skilled computer use and various office software, familiar with network promotion;
3. Self-confidence, cleverness, honesty, trustworthiness and reliability, and prioritization of business match orders.
Foreign trade clerk
1. College degree or above, level 4 in English, oral fluency, listening, speaking, reading and writing;
2. Skilled use of office software and e-commerce platform;
3. Engaged in foreign trade or sales for more than 1 year, or working experience for more than two years, with quick thinking and good communication skills;
Rubber, injection mold designer
1. College degree or above, mold, mechanical design, mechanical engineering, material processing engineering and related majors, with more than 3 years experience in die design work;
2. Skilled use of common design software (UG, PRO/E, etc.), proficient in the design process and processing technology of rubber molds, injection molds;
3. Proficient in structural design and mold processing of injection molds and rubber molds, able to analyze product defects and propose molds and production process improvement solutions
Injection Molder
1. 3~5 years working experience in the injection molding industry, experience in injection molding new product projects;
2. College degree or above in polymer materials or plastic molding related majors is preferred;
3. Familiar with plastic raw materials, processing technology, molds, injection molding machine maintenance, etc.;
4. Proficient in the characteristics of plastic materials and injection molding process, parameter settings;
Master mold
1. Proficient in the safe use and operation of milling machines, grinding various tools;
2. Have more than two years of working experience in injection molds, proficient in the injection mold structure mastered the injection mold process and processing steps.
3. Can skillfully use machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and spark machines;
4. Be willing to work hard, work hard, and have a big picture.
Production workers,
1, Above junior high school graduation, good health, normal vision, male 1.65 or more, female: 1.52 or more
2. Be serious and responsible for work, be able to work hard, work actively, be savvy, and have strong hands-on skills.
3 Obey the leadership of the organization, obey the arrangement of the work, have the spirit of unity and cooperation, love and respect the work.
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