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Expo 2010 China Plastics material shines

Expo 2010 China Plastics material shines

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The 2010 Shanghai World Expo (Expo 2010) is the world's first ever exhibition held by China. The theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “Better City, Better Life” (Better City, Better Life). The organize
The 2010 Shanghai World Expo (Expo 2010) is the world's first ever exhibition held by China. The theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “Better City, Better Life” (Better City, Better Life). The organizer is expected to attract 70 million visitors from all over the world. The total investment is 45 billion RMB, which surpasses the Beijing Olympics. It is the largest scale in the history of the World Expo.
The hosting of the World Expo led to the development of all walks of life. Plastic materials are also eager to try. So far, there have been many plastic materials products brought together at the Shanghai World Expo. For example, electric vehicles, drinking water devices, plastic flower boxes, building facades, etc., are numerous and the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving are reflected everywhere. Being unpretentious, it also highlights nature, which is the realm of “really good”.
The Shanghai World Expo will be a grand event to explore the urban life of human beings. Compared with the “Green Beijing Green Olympics”, it is believed that the World Expo will surely set off another new concept of energy saving, emission reduction and green circulation! Facing the harmony between beautiful buildings and green ecology, it is believed that people will find a balance between urban development and environmental protection. From Hanover, Aichi to Shanghai, the concept of environmental protection in harmony with man and nature is experiencing a trilogy in the three World Expos. The concept of environmental protection was first proposed by the World Expo in Hannover and it was blossomed at the World Expo in Aichi. We hope it will bear beautiful fruits at the Shanghai World Expo! The unremitting pursuit of environmental protection and energy conservation is bound to promote the plastic industry more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and recyclable new products and new technologies available!