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Manpower policy
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Manpower policy
"Being talented and talented, taking morality first"
 Ott's outstanding employees must adapt to the requirements of the company's business development, agree with the Otto culture, and is willing to grow together with the company, and can create value and cost-saving employees. Ott is adhering to the concept of talented people with "common development of employees and companies" and is embodied in the following aspects:
         Ott's basic requirement for talents is: "both morality and integrity, and morality as the first", there is a morality and values ​​in line with the objective laws of the development of things. "German" is based on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, including professionalism, innovation, responsibility, and dedication. "Talents" are based on practical talent and do things on the spot. When people are not perfect, Ott will focus on the merits and strengths of the chosen person.
        Cultivating talents is the primary responsibility of every manager in Aote. The company requires that managers must assume the role of “supervisor + coach”, impart their own experience, experience and understanding to the willingness, recognition of corporate culture, and development potential. Employees, together with mentors and selected personnel, develop training plans to create a good mechanism for talent regeneration within the company. The company also encourages employees to choose their own content and methods of learning and implement personalized training.
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        "Engership is appropriate, people get their place, people match and develop together" is Ott's talented approach. Choose the most suitable person for each job, so that everyone can find the most suitable position for him in Otter. "Otler Qualification Management System" provides job placement system guarantee for career development in different directions. Ott creates an arena for employees to maximize their own value. It closely connects the growth of individuals with the development of the company and maximizes the creativity of talents.
        Ott attaches great importance to the personal value of its employees, continuously gives them challenging working goals and broad space for development, and sets up a stage for employees to display themselves. While working at the same time, individual employees achieve achievements and material lives are greatly improved. . A smooth communication channel exists between the company and its employees. Employees can submit their own opinions and suggestions to their direct supervisors. They can also ask their leaders to raise their questions according to the company’s open policy, and can pass the employee hotline. Reflect directly to the company's senior management. Ott has always been committed to creating a “moderate and harmonious” enterprise development environment. The balance between employees and companies is the first choice for development of Auto.