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PP (polypropylene)

Polypropylene (PP), commonly known as 100% plastic.
According to crystallinity classification: isotactic PP (crystallinity up to 95%, molecular weight 8-150000)
Atactic PP (non-crystalline at room temperature, molecular weight 0.3-1 million, less application)
Polypropylene (PP) Characteristics and Applications
1, polypropylene characteristics:
(1) Physical properties:
a, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, translucent or transparent particles (powder milky white);
b. Density: 0.90 to 0.91 g/cm3;
c, water stability: the water absorption in water 24h is only 0.01%;
d, molecular weight: between 8 to 150,000;
e, good formability, high shrinkage, thick-walled products easy to sag;
f, good gloss, easy to color.
(2) Mechanical properties:
a, high crystallinity, structural regularity: strength and hardness, elasticity are higher than HDPE;
b. At room temperature and low temperature: high structural regularity and poor impact strength (when the molecular weight increases, the impact strength also increases);
c, anti-bending fatigue: If using PP injection one-piece living hinge, it can withstand 7x107 fold bending without damage;
d. Dry friction coefficient: The dry friction coefficient of PP is comparable to that of PA6 (under oil lubrication, it is inferior to PA6).
(3) Thermal properties:
a. Melting point: 164-170°C
b. Heat resistance: Can be disinfected and sterilized at a temperature of 100°C or more, and is not deformed at 150°C without external force.
c, embrittlement temperature: -35 °C (cold resistance is not as good as polyethylene).
(4) Chemical stability:
a. Chemical stability: In addition to being eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemical reagents.
b, softening and swelling: low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons can make PP softening and swelling;
(The chemical stability increases with the increase of crystallinity. This property is suitable for making various chemical pipelines and fittings with good anti-corrosion effect).
(5) Electrical performance:
a、High-frequency insulation performance: excellent (almost no water absorption, insulation performance is not affected by humidity);
b, dielectric coefficient: 2.0 to 2.5 (heated electrical insulation products);
c, breakdown voltage: 40KV/mm;
d, arc resistance: 130s (high static, easy to contact with copper aging).
(6) Weather resistance:
a, photoaging: PP sensitive to ultraviolet (UV);
b. Thermo-oxidative aging: Heat and oxygen accelerate PP aging.
2, polypropylene use:
(1) Film products: PP film products are transparent and shiny, with low permeability to water vapor and air:
a, blown film;
b. cast film (CPP);
c. Biaxially oriented film (BOPP).
(2) injection molding products: can be used for automotive, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, radio, textile, defense and other engineering accessories, daily necessities, turnover boxes, medical and health equipment, building materials.
(3) Extrusion products: Pipes, profiles, monofilaments, fishing ropes can be used. Packing straps, tying ropes, woven bags, fibers, composite coatings, sheets, plates, etc. Blow molding hollow products, such as various small containers.
(4) Others: Low foaming, calcium plastic board, synthetic wood, laminated board, synthetic paper, high foaming can be used as structural foam.
Modification of isotactic PP (molecular weight 8 to 150,000)
Polypropylene can be modified, filled, reinforced, blended, copolymerized, crosslinked.
1. Adding calcium carbonate, talcum powder, inorganic minerals and other fillers can increase rigidity, hardness, heat resistance and dimensional stability;
2, adding glass fiber, asbestos fiber, mica, glass beads, etc. can improve the tensile strength, and can improve the creep resistance, low temperature impact resistance;
3, adding elastomers and rubber can improve the impact properties, transparency and so on;
4, adding carbon fiber (CF) can increase the strength, especially bending modulus.
Material and description:



product description


Highly transparent PP

High transparency, general impact

Various transparent bottles

High transparency, high impact

Disposable syringe, food box

High transparency, high impact

CD box, window




Enhanced PP

20% barium sulfate (BaSO4) enhanced, high gloss

Appearance of small household appliances: rice cooker assembly, coffee machine, bread machine, electric hot water bottle, microwave oven container; medium-strength structural parts, pump housing cover, pump impeller (ultrasonic, heat-spinning), electrical skeleton, pedals, skates

30% barium sulfate (BaSO4) enhanced, high gloss

20% Talc Reinforced, High Rigidity

30% Talc Reinforced, High Rigidity

20% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) reinforced, high rigidity shoes

30% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) reinforcement, high rigidity

20% glass bead (GS) reinforcement, high surface hardness, scratch resistance

30% glass beads (GS) reinforcement, high surface hardness, scratch resistance

10% glass fiber reinforced, high rigidity

10% glass fiber reinforced, high rigidity

30% glass fiber reinforced, high rigidity, toughening, cold resistance


Flame retardant PP

Flame retardant V-0, environmentally friendly, non-filled

Heater before and after the shell, switch parts, capacitor shell, Christmas tree, lamp winding skeleton, electronic appliances

Parts, Outdoor Lighting, High Temperature Resistance Area

Flame retardant V-0, environmental protection, non-filled, toughened

Flame retardant V-0, environmental protection, filled type

Anti-UV UV, Flame Retardant V-0

High heat resistance (RTI*140°C*) halogen-free, phosphorus-free, flame-retardant, enhanced


Low temperature shock PP

-10°C withstands unconventional impact PP, non-flame retardant

Ice skate parts, handle parts, high-latitude electrical parts, flame-retardant parts, toilet tanks

-20°C withstands unconventional impact PP, non-flame retardant

-30°C withstands unconventional impact PP, non-flame retardant

-20°C withstands unusual impact PP, flame retardant


Weather resistant PP

Anti-outdoor (UV)+thermo-oxidative aging, high and low temperature impact

Radome, air-conditioning outdoor unit housing, outdoor billboards, lighting components, indoor and outdoor lighting accessories

Non-filled, anti-UV and thermal oxygen aging

Filled, Anti-UV, Thermal Oxygen Aging

Anti-static, non-filled, anti-UV + thermo-oxidative aging

Filled, Anti-UV, Thermal Oxygen Aging + Light Shielding Stage


Note: 1. If you need other specifications, please contact Auto Technology Development Center;
    2, in addition to indicate the color, the rest can be dyed according to the requirements;
    3, glass fiber reinforced class, according to the requirements of the choice of long fiber or chopped fiber.

PP products

PP products

PP products