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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene English ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (referred to as UHMWPE), is a molecular weight of more than 1.5 million polyethylene. Density: 0.936 to 0.964g/cm3, heat distortion temperature (0.46MPa) 85°C, melting point 130 to 136°C.
The main features:
Wear resistance, UHMWPE wear resistance ranks first in plastics and exceeds certain metals.
Impact resistance, UHMWPE's impact strength, is among the best in all engineering plastics.
Self-lubricating, UHMWPE has a very low friction factor (0.05~0.11), so it has excellent self-lubricating properties.
Chemical resistance, UHMWPE has excellent chemical resistance, in addition to strong oxidizing acid, in a certain temperature and concentration range can withstand a variety of corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic media (except naphthalene solvent ).
Impact energy absorption, UHWMPE has excellent impact energy absorption, impact energy absorption value is the highest in all plastics, so the noise damping is very good, with excellent noise reduction effect.
Low temperature resistance, UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance, and it has ductility even at liquid helium temperature (-269°C), so it can be used as a low temperature component in the nuclear industry.
Not sticky, UHMWPE surface adsorption force is very weak, its anti-adhesion ability is second only to the non-sticky PTFE in plastic, so the surface of the product is not easy to adhere with other materials.
Water-retention, UHMWPE water absorption is very low, generally less than 0.01%, only 1% of PA6, so generally do not have to dry before molding.
Density, UHMWPE density is lower than all other engineering plastics, generally 56% lower than PTFE, 33% lower than POM, 30% lower than PBTP, so its products are very light.
Tensile strength, UHMWPE has unmatched ultra-high tensile strength due to its structural characteristics necessary for super-stretched orientation.
Other properties, UHMWPE also has excellent electrical insulation properties, better than HDPE resistance to environmental stress cracking, better fatigue resistance and gamma-ray resistance than HDPE.
Inadequacies, compared with other engineering plastics, UHMWPE heat resistance, rigidity and hardness is low, but can be improved by "filling" and "crosslinking"; from the perspective of heat resistance, the melting point of UHMWPE (136 °C) is almost the same as normal polyethylene, but due to its large relative molecular weight and high melt viscosity, it is difficult to process.
Industrial applications:
Transport machinery, conveyor block, fixed plate, running water production line time star wheel.
Food Machinery, Star Wheels, Bottle Count Screws, Filler Bearings, Bottle Cutter Bearings, Bottle Cutter Parts, Peg Control Lever, Meat Grinder Components, Gaskets, Guide Pins, Rails, Cylinders, Gears, Roller, handle.
Textile machinery, leather knots, openers, shock absorber baffles, connectors, cranks, crankshaft connecting rods, gears, cams, bearings, parts of elastic machines, shuttles, flower sweepers, eccentric bearings, oscillating Rear beam.
Chemical machinery, valve body, pump body, gasket, packing, filter, gear, bolt, nut, sealing ring, nozzle, cock, bearing.
General machinery, all kinds of gears, bearings, bearings, bushings, sliding plates, clutches, guides, brakes, hinges, cranks, elastic coupling details, rollers, rollers, fasteners, sliding parts after elevating.
Dyeing modification, impregnating machine bearings, scrapers, sliding plates, gaskets, seals, gears.
Sports supplies, snowboard lining, power skis, skating rinks, ice hockey protection, glider contact floors, bowling.
Health care, heart valves, orthopaedic parts, artificial joints, birth control implants, prostheses.
Others: Shroud plates for frozen machinery, atomic power stations, ship parts, meat shop cutting boards, boring heads, electroplating parts, and cryogenic mechanical parts.

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