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PSF (polysulfone)

Polysulfone (PSP) is a thermoplastic resin containing chain segments in the main chain of the polymer. It is a light brown transparent amorphous resin. It has a common bisphenol A type PSF (commonly known as PSF), poly-aromatic. Sulfone and polyethersulfone two kinds.
The main features:
Excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, wear resistance, high strength, excellent mechanical properties even at high temperatures are its outstanding advantages, its range is -100 °C ~ 150 °C, long-term use temperature is 160 °C, short-term use temperature is 190°C, high thermal stability.
Hydrolysis resistant, good dimensional stability, low mold shrinkage, non-toxic, radiation resistant, flame resistant, extinguishing.
Excellent electrical performance over a wide temperature and frequency range.
It has good chemical stability, except for concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and halogenated hydrocarbons, it can tolerate general acids, alkalis, and salts, and swells in oximes and esters.
Industrial applications:
Electrical and electronic fields: PSU can be used to make various contactors, contacts, transformer insulation, thyristor caps, insulation bushings, coil skeletons, terminal posts and electric rings, electrical components, printed circuit boards, bushings, covers, Film and television system parts, capacitor films, brush holders, alkaline storage battery boxes, etc.
Automotive and Aerospace: PSU is suitable for making protective cover components, electric gears, battery covers, detonators, electronic ignition device components, lighting components, internal aircraft components and external parts of aircraft, and outer shields for astronauts. In addition, the PSU can also make luminaire bezels, electric drives, and sensors.
In the kitchen products market: PSU products include steam trays, coffee containers, microwave cookers, milk and produce containers, egg tarts and milker parts, beverages and food dispensers. In terms of food packaging, PSU can be used in a variety of container inner dishes, making use of its microwave-transparent characteristics to make microwave dishes. In addition, the PSU can also be used as a connecting pipe. The outer layer of the pipe has high strength, the inner layer is resistant to chemicals, is lighter and more transparent than the steel pipe, and is easy to monitor. It is often used in the food industry and in the manufacture of lamp shades.
Health and medical fields: PSU is fully in line with hygienic requirements and can withstand repeated sterilization at 130°C. It can be used in sanitary medical devices instead of stainless steel and aluminum to reduce costs. Medical devices that can be made using PSU include: surgical trays, nebulizers, warmers, contact lens holders, flow controllers, instrument covers, dental instruments, pacemakers, and respirator.
Medical products made with PSUs are low in cost and are not easily broken, and are therefore used in instrument housings, dental instruments, heart valve boxes, blade cleaning systems, molding boxes for soft contact lenses, microfilters, and dialysis membranes. It can also be used for dentures, which are twice as strong as polyacrylates.
Daily necessities application areas: Daily products made with PSU are mainly heat-resistant and hydrolysis-resistant products, including humidifiers, steam irons, camera boxes, and projector components.
Industrial applications: PSU can manufacture adhesives, coatings, and various chemical processing equipment, including pump housings, protective outer layers, food processing equipment, pollution control equipment, dairy processing equipment and engineering, construction, and chemical pipelines.

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