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PEI (ether imide)

Polyetherimide is a modified polyimide that is an amber transparent solid. It has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke without any additives. Its oxygen index is 47% and its burning rating is UL94. -V-0 grade, with a density of 1.28~1.42g/cm3.
The main features:
With outstanding heat resistance (long-term temperature 180 °C), showing good toughness and rigidity, with high hardness, good wear resistance, outstanding electrical properties, making it very suitable for electrical and electronic insulation Parts (ie various structural components that require higher strength and stiffness at high temperatures).
Has a good hydrolysis resistance, has been widely used in the field of medical devices and analytical instruments.
Has excellent mechanical, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high temperature and wear resistance, and through the microwave.
As a non-crystalline material, PEI material can be used for high temperature insulation of 300°C due to the high melting point of polyetherimide (PEI).
Industrial applications:
Polyetherimide (PEI) has excellent overall balance performance, and it has been effectively applied to the electronics, electrical and aerospace industries, and can be used as a metal replacement material for traditional products and cultural life products.
In the electrical and electronics industry, components made of polyetherimide (PEI) materials are used in a wide range of applications, including high strength and dimensionally stable connectors, general and miniature relay enclosures, circuit boards, coils, and flexible circuits. , mirrors, high precision dense fiber optic components. Particularly noteworthy is that using it instead of metal to make fiber optic connectors optimizes the component structure, simplifies the manufacturing and assembly steps, and maintains more precise dimensions, thereby reducing the final product cost by approximately 40%.
Impact resistant sheet Ultem1613 is used for various parts of the aircraft, such as portholes, nose parts, seat backs, inner siding, door coverings, and various items for passengers. Polyetherimide (PEI) and carbon fiber composites have been used in various structural parts of the latest helicopters.
With its excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance and chemical resistance properties, PEI is used in the automotive field, such as sensors used to make high-temperature connections, high-power lights and indicators, and to control the temperature outside the cabin. ) and sensors that control the temperature of the air and fuel mixture (effective combustion temperature sensors). In addition, PEI can also be used as a vacuum pump impeller for high-temperature lubricant corrosion, a ground glass adapter for steam cookers operated at 180°C (bearing interface), and reflectors for non-lighting fog lamps.
Polyetherimide foams used as heat-insulating and sound-insulating materials for transport machinery airplanes.
PEI is excellent in hydrolysis resistance and is therefore used as handles, trays, fixtures, prosthetics, medical lamp reflectors, and dental appliances for medical surgical instruments.
In the food industry, it is used as a tray for product packaging and microwave ovens.
PEI has excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance, so it can be used to manufacture valves for water-conversion steering valves. Due to its high strength, flexibility and heat resistance, PEI is an excellent coating and film-forming material that can form coatings and films suitable for the electronics industry, and can be used to fabricate pore sizes up to 0.1 μm with high penetration. Microporous membranes. It can also be used as a high-temperature adhesive and high-strength fiber.
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