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PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

The appearance of polyvinylidene fluoride is translucent or white powder or granules. The molecular chains are tightly packed and have strong hydrogen bonds. The oxygen index is 46%, and they are nonflammable. The crystallinity is 65%~78%. The density is 1.17~1.79g/cm3, the melting point is 172°C, the heat distortion temperature is 112~145°C, and the long-term use temperature is -40~150°C.
The main features:
(1) Physical properties: PVDF is a highly crystalline polymer with a crystallinity of 60% to 80%. PVDF has a relatively low density of 1.75 to 1.78g/cm. It is semi-transparent, has low water absorption, and is easy to color. It is as smooth as PE.
(2) Mechanical properties: The mechanical properties of PVDF are the best among fluoroplastics, with good toughness and high elongation; compared with PTFE, the tensile strength is 2 times, the compressive strength is high, and the wear resistance is good ( Similar to PA).
(3) Thermal properties: PVDF glass temperature Tg=-39°C, embrittlement temperature <-62°C, melting point 170-180°C, thermal decomposition temperature >316°C, use temperature -70-150°C, thermal deformation Temperature 150 °C (1.8MPa) or 90 °C (4.6MPa), self-extinguishing when burning.
(4) Electrical properties: PVDF is non-absorbent, resistant to atmosphere and ozone, and will not affect the dielectric properties due to aging, and is therefore a good insulating material.
(5) Environmental resistance: It is resistant to most solvents and chemicals, but it degrades in strong acids and alkalis; it has excellent radiation resistance and weather resistance.
(6) Functional characteristics: It has unique properties such as piezoelectricity, dielectricity, and thermoelectricity.
Industrial applications:
(1) Electronic and Electrical Industry: Used as an electret for wire wrapping, cable sheathing, printed circuit boards, heat shrinkable tubes, capacitor media, microphones, headphones, and loudspeakers. There is no solution for keyboard switches, ultrasonic devices, and high optical frequency. Etc.
(2) Chemical industry: Production of pumps, valves, fittings, electrolytic diaphragms, filter membranes and gaskets, linings, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc.
(3) Weapons Industry: Used as a piezoelectric fuse, propellant fuel seal, etc.
(4) Machinery industry: used as gears, bearings, etc. </td>
(5) Construction industry: Coatings or films for decoration and protection of indoor and outdoor buildings.
(6) Medical and health: Since PVDF is non-toxic to the human body and has no exclusive effect in the human body, microporous membranes or hollow fibers can be made into artificial organs such as artificial lungs and kidneys.

PVDF Isolation sleeve

PVDF clip

PVDF clip

PVDF shunt pipe pump valve

PVDF shunt pipe pump valve

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